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The death of a loved one is never easy. But when the death is the result of someone’s carelessness, or the reckless actions or policies of a business or other organization, it only makes the situation worse. If your loved one died in a situation like this, where the mistakes or negligence of another party lead to the death, then you have the option of pursuing a wrongful death case. The Ray Law Group is ready to help you through this process.

Wrongful deaths can occur in a variety of situations, including car accidents, work site accidents and even from defective products. At the Ray Law Group, we have worked with families who’s loved ones have died many different situations. Because we are experienced in the fundamentals of all these different accident types, we are well equipped to help families prove that negligence did in fact occur. By demonstrating what happened, we are able to win cases for our clients and get them the compensation they deserve.

As the family or loved on of a wrongful death victim, it is important for you to understand that the state of Texas has a statute of limitations for wrongful death cases. In most instances you must file your case within two years of the accident. Even if you are uncertain whether you have a claim, it is advisable to speak to a wrongful death attorney as soon as possible to clarify what your options are.

No one is prepared to deal with an unexpected death in the family much less make a wrongful death claim. We help take that burden off your shoulders. We will review the details of the accident promptly and resourcefully to establish if there is a lawful claim and then afford our clients with caring, sympathetic and professional legal representation you deserve to process your grief in peace and calm.

Having worked with many wrongful death clients, we appreciate the challenges you are facing right now. While financial compensation cannot take back what happened, it can do much to help cover the costs that often arise following the death of a loved one – especially if that loved one was primary provider for the family.

Please contact the Ray Law Group today to discuss your wrongful death case. Working with clients throughout Fort Worth, Dallas, Tarrant County, Collin County and the surrounding areas, we are here to answer your questions.

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